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An advocate for entrepreneurship and self-development since 2008.

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July 2021



Laurea Entrepreneurship Society has been actively organising events since 2008. Our activities aim to encourage self-development and offer the tools and platforms for creating new ideas and establishing valuable professional networks. We aim to provide the...
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Become one of us and unleash your full potential! For us, your professional and personal development is the key to success. Are you interested in entrepreneurship, startups ecosystem or self-development? Would you like to have...
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Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of future entrepreneurs and startup founders. One of our main activities is to provide mentoring, sparring and assistance in launching a business, not to...
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LEADERSHIP 101: crafting the skills to shape a better tomorrow.
The marmoreal white, creamy, snow textures garnish the Finnish landscape. Winter has arrived once again with its seasonal freezing greetings and while the outside world seems to have gone into hibernation and everything remains otherworldly silent and still, we remain aware of the painful reminder that the...
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Interviewing the LaureaES Team – Part I
"Life teaches you lessons at all times" - Yara Khoshnaw The year that we're all going to remember, - some as a year of chaos and some as a year of new opportunities, is soon nearing its end. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight this...
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Welcome to Laurea Entrepreneurship Society’s new blog! 
We are eager to introduce to you the latest addition to our communication channels. In this blog, you will find current and topical blog posts written by and about both students and entrepreneurial-minded people. Topics we’re particularly interested in are entrepreneurship, business and self-development, as well as...
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3AMK Entrepreneurship Society Alliance
Laurea Entrepreneurship Society is thrilled to announce the launch of the three-year initiative 3AMK Entrepreneurship Society Alliance together with Xes Helsinki and Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society! 🎉🙌 The collaboration is supported with 740,000 euros by City of Helsinki, City of Espoo and City of Vantaa and brings together the...
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