Blue beauty is transforming the beauty industry

Blue beauty is transforming the beauty industry

Have you already heard of the Blue Beauty trend?

With this new trend that has recently gained market share, Clean Beauty meets Sustainable Development.

Clean Beauty refers to cosmetics that are produced in an ethical and honest manner, taking the environment and ethical principles into account in their ingredients, production, and packaging. (Maria Glow, 2020) Clean beauty is not defined or regulated, but generally speaking, it refers to cosmetics whose ingredients are cruelty-free, sourced ethically, and non-toxic.

Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska, Pexels

Currently, Sustainable Development is one of the hottest buzzwords, but what exactly is it? Putting it simply, it means meeting present needs without depriving future generations of the opportunity to do the same. Monitoring and promoting sustainable development through indicators and frameworks such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ensures our goals will be met.

A growing number of startups and projects in Finland are focusing on sustainability, and as a matter of fact, Finland was the global leader in sustainability in 2021 (Good News from Finland, 2o21)

Therefore, we are pleased to learn about the Blue Beauty trend, which promotes ocean and environmental conservation through zero-waste packaging and reef-safe ingredients, and aims to not only minimize our environmental impact, but also improve it.

While we have a fair share of Clean Beauty brands in Finland, we are not aware of any Blue Beauty cosmetic manufacturers here yet, but we hope to see this trend here soon!

How do you feel about this trend and do you see it could be the next big thing in the beauty industry? Let us know in the comments!

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