Making a difference since 2008

The story of Laurea Entrepreneurship Society began actually already in the fall of 2007, when a group of students from Laurea University of Applied Sciences started looking for active ways of promoting entrepreneurship.

After visiting the University of Cambridge as a part of the very first Cambridge Venture Camp in 2007, our founders brought back more than just memories. As a result, the first ‘Entrepreneurship Tuesday’ -speaker event was introduced in March 2008. The LaureaES predecessor Helsinki Metropolitan Entrepreneurship Academy was founded later that year and later changed its name to Laurea Entrepreneurship Society.

Ever since, LaureaES has functioned as an ambassador of entrepreneurship and self-development. Thousands of people from different schools, study programs, and backgrounds are involved in our operations.

For us, your professional and personal development is the key to success.

“What would you like to accomplish next year?”

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, startups ecosystem or self-development? Would you like to have a killer CV -marking while you study and get connected to the working life? LaureaES is now looking for ambitious students to join us. We can offer you to the network and startup ecosystem knowledge that you cannot get anywhere else.

We are well connected to the startup scene in Finland and abroad and our members usually get a great set of skills that help them forward in life. We want to offer you the chance to develop these skills as well, in the area of your choosing, while you study.

Become a member and start your journey today!



Cambridge Venture Camp was founded

In October 2007 Cambridge Venture Camp accelerator program for university students was founded and has been successfully run by us ever since. The program is organised annually together with different partner universities and consists of two intensive program weeks in Helsinki and Cambridge, UK. The accelerator has more than 190 alumnis from over the years and in 2020 we organised the 12th accelerator program with 18 new participants.

Entrepreneurship Tuesdays were launched

In 2008 we launched Entrepreneurship Tuesdays, the first student entrepreneurship event concept in Finland, and successfully organised around 150 Entrepreneurship Tuesdays during the next 10 years until 2018.

Helsinki Metropolitan Entrepreneurship Academy was founded

In November that same year, the predecessor to our today’s association was officially founded as the Helsinki Metropolitan Entrepreneurship Academy entrepreneurship program.