Growth Works: Videography For Dummies (part 1)

🎥 Video converts like crazy 🔥 It drives 300% more traffic and nurtures leads. But how to create an engaging video with zero budget and no experience? All you need is motivation! We’ve got you covered through our 5-session series with the #1 industry expert – Freyr Studio. Get your ticket HERE!
In collaboration with Freyr Studio, we are producing the Videography For Dummies workshop series from February to April. The series consists of five parts guiding you gradually through every step of creating your first engaging videos. No budget nor previous experience is required! Part 1: Video making – everything you need to know is happening on Wednesday, 17th of February.
🗓 Series schedule
Part 1: Everything you need to know (17th of Feb)
Part 2: Video pre-production (3rd of March)
Part 3: Video production (TBA)
Part 4: Video post-production (TBA)
Part 5: Working as a videographer (TBA)
COVID-19 has pushed more and more businesses and services going virtually and along with it, online and video marketing is “the” big thing that everyone’s attention is shifted to. Video will evolve even more significantly in the post-COVID world. That is why we need to take proactive steps not to be left behind.
📌 Preparations for this workshop
Coming to the first workshop, Part 1: Everything you need to know, you will be introduced to videography and get some basic knowledge as well as tools to get going with your video creation. You need absolutely no previous experience for this workshop, only your curiosity and an open mindset. To prepare for the workshop, please install a video editor software on your computer or mobile. It can be any software, and there are tons of them for free! We recommend, for example, ProMovie Recorder or Videoleap.
The Videography For Dummies series is brought to you by Laurea Entrepreneurship Society and Luc Chavarro from Freyr Studio. Luc is a French entrepreneur based in Helsinki since 2018. He used to work as a Senior Business Developer and Growth Marketer for many years before moving to the film industry. That’s precisely what makes Luc the best of both worlds! As a result of his growing passion, Luc founded Freyr Studio with Khoa Trinh in 2020.  Freyr Studio is a Video Production Agency focusing on the high-quality and engaging video to enhance ROI for your business. They have the vision and technical mindset to accompany you in your projects and help you from the sparkle of an idea to its full execution. Some of their more well-known clients are Posti, Silmäasema, Entrepreneurs of Finland and Orion.
Get to know Freyr Studio and their projects at:
Growth Works with Freyr Studio: Videography For Dummies – Part 1: Everything you need to know
Wednesday, February 17th at 5:30 PM on Zoom
The webinar is hosted in English. Remember to grab your ticket!

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