Introducing the Growth webinar series! Growth is the latest addition to a diverse portfolio of event concepts produced by Laurea Entrepreneurship Society. The format has been launched as part of the new 3AMK Entrepreneurship Society Alliance collaboration. Through this new event concept, we want to offer easily accessible live learning opportunities that equip both individuals and early-stage startups with tools, knowledge and motivation to hack their growth.

Growth is divided into two concepts, which each foster delivery methods and focus points tailored for a select purpose. Growth Talks is a series of webinars that offer inspiring keynote speeches, founder stories, discussions, insights and expert presentations to an unlimited audience. The aim is to provide valuable topical content and to help listeners unlock their full growth potential.

Growth Works is an online workshop concept, where the focus point is on providing practical learning, support and mentoring during limited small-group sessions. The wide range of workshop topics and practical exercises will guarantee learning and growth opportunities for all individuals, and even for early-stage startups, to sharpen their skill sets.

Featuring guest speakers who motivate, inspire and share their knowledge and stories.

Real and honest founder stories of growth, turning points, failure and success.

Embracing, inspiring and sharing the growth mindset with individuals and communities.

Expert lectures and keynotes from a multitude of different fields and areas of expertise.

Practical workshops to support both personal and professional development.

Equipping participants with skills and techniques that help individuals and startups grow.

Enabling the acquisition of new competencies and domains to real working life situations.

Guidance and practical exercises to continue developing the skill-sets after the workshop.

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Signing up speakers for October and November!

Do you have skills or knowledge that could benefit the community and help others grow? Is there either a personal or a company’s story you could share? Are you an expert or a passionate doer in your own field? Here is your moment to shine and a very special opportunity to inspire students, entrepreneurs, and others!

You can be a professional speaker or someone still looking for opportunities to develop your own presentation skills, we’d love to hear from you all the same! The webinar can be held either in English or Finnish.

Speaker Registration

To discuss your potential webinar or workshop together, you can leave your contact details with us by filling out the form linked below.