Hatch Incubator Program 2019

Hatch Incubator is an early stage business incubator program for students of 3UAS (Laurea, Haaga-Helia and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences). During this 8-week program we guide you to success by offering you professional mentoring, lectures in different fields, workshops with our partners, networking opportunities in the midst of the Finnish startup scene and much more!

The program culminates in a final pitching competition called Hatch Demo Day, where the winner of Hatch Incubator will take home a seed fund to help kick-start their business.

You don’t need a business to apply, all you need is an idea! In 8 weeks we will guide you and your business idea trough validation, market research, pitching, service design, team building and other topics with the help of our experienced mentors and coaches and have you ready to hatch your business.

The program is completely free of charge and all students of Laurea, Metropolia and Haaga-Helia Universities of Applied Sciences are qualified to apply. Please note that the workshops are located in Helsinki area and transportation to Helsinki is not provided.

If you are not a student of the universities mentioned above but still wish to apply, please contact hatch(at)laureaes.fi. You can also find more information in the FAQ below. 


You only need an idea, we will help you with the rest.

Time left to apply

Hatch in a nutshell

  • 8 week idea incubator program
  • Aimed for students of 3UAS *
  • Completely free of charge
  • All the tools to develop your idea
  • Amazing bootcamp weekend
  • Workshops with professionals
  • Individual mentoring and sparring
  • Excursions & networking events
  • Possibility to win 1st prize 1500€
  • Possibility to win 2nd prize 500€
  • Meeting like-minded innovators
  • An unforgettable experience!

(Metropolia, Haaga-Helia and Laurea UAS)


Application period:  9. – 30.9.2019
Interviews:  1. – 2.10.2019
The interview location and exact time will be announced in the interview invitation email.
Selections announced:  6.10.2019

Program duration:
Monday 14.10.2019 – Thursday 5.12.2019

Program schedule:


Kickoff breakfast
Bootcamp weekend *
Evening workshop
Evening workshop
All-day excursion
Evening workshop
Evening mentoring
Networking event
Evening workshop
Evening workshop
Demo Day
* mandatory attendance

The program is brought to you by Laurea Entrepreneurship Society Ry. Hatch Incubator Program has been organized annually since 2017.


What is an incubator program?

An incubator program is a program designed to accelerate the growth of new business ideas and companies through an array of business support resources and services that may include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking.

What is expected from the attendees?

The selected program attendees are expected to attend workshops every week for the whole duration of the program. There will be one main workshop each week, usually lasting for 3-4 hours and organized in the evening, starting earliest at 4pm. Some weeks there will also be some additional excursions and other relevant program.

The content and dates of the program are subject to change if necessary. An attendance rate of 70% of the program is required to qualify for the final competition and the prices.

What language will it be organized in?

The program will be held in English.

How much does this cost?

Nothing! Zero! Nada! It’s free! Hurray!

Please note that the workshops are located in Helsinki area and transportation to or in Helsinki is not provided.

Can I earn study credits?

Yes you can! Laurea University of Applied Sciences will grant you 5 ECTS study credits, which you can transfer to your own school through credit transfer application if you’re not a student of Laurea.

Who can apply?

All students of Laurea, Metropolia and Haaga-Helia UAS are qualified to apply.
If you are not a student of any of these three universities but still wish to apply, please contact us at hatch(at)laureaes.fi. All external applications are treated on a case-by-case basis. Note that in all cases and also exceptions, the program is open for students only!

Can we apply as a team?

You can apply as an individual or as a team.

What is Demo Day and what are the prizes?

The whole Hatch Incubator program leads up to the final pitching competition Hatch Demo Day after the eight-week period, where the attendees will present their polished ideas to real judges in front of a live audience. Participation in the Demo Day is not mandatory, but definitely recommended for the experience and the chance to get your hands on the prizes.

The winner and runner-up will win amazing prizes! The winner will be granted the main prize of 1500€ as a seed fund to help kick-start their business. Second place will be granted 500€. There will also be other really cool prizes in forms of gift vouchers, event tickets, private mentoring etc!

Is this an online course?

No, it is not. Attending the program and the final competition with a chance to win any of the prizes requires a physical attendance rate of at least 70%.

Where can I get more information?

You can email us at hatch(a)laureaes.fi.

The program is managed by Laurea Entrepreneurship Society Ry, so you can also get in touch with us through laureaes(a)laureaes.fi.



The application will open on this page on September 9th 2019. Stay tuned!