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Are you interested in entrepreneurship, startups ecosystem or self-development? Would you like to have a killer CV -marking while you study and get connected to the working life? LaureaES is always looking for ambitious students to join the community. We can offer you to the network and startup ecosystem knowledge that you cannot get anywhere else.

We are well connected to the startup scene in Finland and abroad and our members usually get a great set of skills that help them forward in life. We want to offer you the chance to develop these skills as well, in the area of your choosing, while you study.

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You can easily join our community and become a Supporting Member of LaureaES for the current year by filling in the application below. As a Supporting Member you’ll have access to all of our community events, gatherings and other benefits, but you do not yet have a voting right in the organization meetings.

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After familiarizing with our organizational activities and members, you can take the next step and become a Community Member for the current year. As a Community Member you’ll have all the same benefits as a Supporting Member, but you’ll also have a voting right in some organizational decisions.

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The members of the board are selected annually from the pool of current active Community Members. The board manages the operations and legislation of the organization and makes monthly decisions which aim to ensure the continuity and ongoing positive development of LaureaES. Board positions are binding for one full calendar year.

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