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Making a difference since 2008


The story of our society began in 2008, when a group of students from Laurea University of Applied Sciences started looking for active ways of promoting entrepreneurship.

After visiting the University of Cambridge as a part of the very first Cambridge Venture Camp in 2007, our founders brought back more than just memories. As a result, the first ‘Entrepreneurship Tuesday’ -speaker event was introduced in March 2008.  The LaureaES successor Helsinki Metropolitan Entrepreneurship Academy was founded later that year.

Ever since, LaureaES has functioned as an ambassador of entrepreneurship and self-development. Plenty of people from different schools, study programs, and backgrounds are involved in our operations.

For us, your professional and personal development is the key to success.

“What would you like to accomplish next year?”

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, startups ecosystem or self-development? Would you like to a killer CV -marking while you study and get connected to the work life? LaureaES is now looking for ambitious students to join us. We can offer you to the go-to-community in 3UAS and knowledge about the startup ecosystem that you cannot get anywhere else.

We are well connected to the startup scene in Finland and abroad and our members usually get a great set of skills that help them forward in life. We want to offer you to the chance to develop these skills as well, in the area of your choosing, while you study. It is an effective CV-marking if nothing else, and our alumni end up pretty successful, just saying…

Become a member below and start your journey today!


Our Society values embracing the individuals to become their best selves while being a community with a genuine interaction. We value ongoing learning and self-development and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.


LaureaES’s mission is to promote Entrepreneurship not only as a possible career choice but also as a mindset and provide the motivation and the inspiration necessary to transform your motivation and ideas into action. Our mission is to provide the tools to every individual to become their best possible selves.

Join us!

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