Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of future entrepreneurs and startup founders. One of our main activities is to provide mentoring, sparring and assistance in launching a business, not to mention our accelerator and incubator programs that mainly focus on that. Please find some of the startups we’ve had the privilege of working with during their early stages listed below.


Villada is a premium villa rental service, offering a hand-picked selection of villas and tailored service. Our experienced villa specialists combine high class demands with insights into all hidden gems at location. That’s why our guests get a luxurious stay with their loved ones. Locally flavoured and with all the comfort and privacy they expect.

Kotipalvelu Elexa

Kotipalvelu Elexa produces private nursing and home care service in Uusimaa area within 2 to 24 hours after order. All nurses are titleprotected, legalized professionals in health care industry.


We are a team of young professionals in engineering, who aim at SME manufacturing companies in Finland to help them improve the quality of their products and getting cutting-edge advantage over their competitors. We introduce revolutionary contactless technology for quality inspection, reverse engineering and other technological purposes. Our quality inspections are fast, precise and reliable, while our team spirit is strong, our expertise is on high-level and we are aimed for success!

Barracuda Disaster

Barracuda Disaster is a game studio founded by four enthusiastic friends who love gaming and have a passion for creating new worlds and telling stories. Their goal is to bring exciting and unique experiences for players to enjoy on PC, consoles and VR.

Barracuda Disaster was founded in 2017 by long-time friends Sami Porkka, Tomi Porkka, Henri Taussi and Teemu Viisanen. With big plans, great team dynamics and the slogan: “For the love of gaming!”

Gamers Cottage

We bring gamers together and give them the tools to improve themselves through our events! We also want to show how important wellbeing is for aspiring pro gamers.