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Behind our society, we have marvelous people who make things possible.


Suvi Lehtonen

Suvi Lehtonen

Leading the Board of LaureaES for the second year, I focus more on the individuals’ own development and promoting entrepreneurial mindset. I’m studying BBA, majoring in Marketing and Leadership.

I have been involved with LaureaES since starting my studies in 2016. It has been the best time of my life, and all the networks and knowledge that I have gained has helped me achieve great things in other areas as well. Under my chairmanship, I hope that everyone in our community feels the same and archive their goals.

Visa Kiikka

As this year’s Vice-Chairman, I’m excited to develop the community to the fullest and bring some new and also old events to the spotlight. I’m in my second year of business studies and running my company on the side! I’m highly passionate about gaming and event management!

Lotta Ekblad
Head of Marketing, Community Manager


I’m a third year student at Metropolia UAS, graduating with two separate degrees; BBA in European Business Administration and BBA in Marketing. Working as the Head of Marketing for LaureaES has brought me a lot of valuable insight and knowledge, and I can’t wait to learn more! As the Community Manager I strive to create new networks and cooperation with for LaureaES, while also engaging and encouraging our community members.

I’m a relentless pursuer of quality and visually attractive creations. My goal for this year is to lift the marketing of the entrepreneurship society to a new level and increase its public visibility.

Mika Leminen

I focus mainly on event planning and managing. I want to especially grow on that area in LaureaES.

I wanted to find people with similar interests to develop themselves and each other. That is the main reason. Secondary reasons are that I wanted to learn event managing and to get out of my comfort zone.

Eeva Laakso
International Relations

I’m a first-year Hospitality Management student at Leppävaara Campus. I am especially interested in event management and multicultural affairs as LaureaES is much more than only entrepreneurial spirit.

I will be away for the Spring as I am doing my job placement in the UK, but my absence is only a perfect reason for being the Head of International Relations. I am confident indeed that board of 2019 will have an extraordinary year with the LaureaES community. Let’s be in touch!

Rasheed Ataruwa
Head of Events

Being a Head of Events mean that I’m responsible of the events that LaureaES has to offer.

The reason I joined in LaureaES is that I wan’t to know everything that is needed to be a successful entrepreneur and LaureaES can help me in my journey.

Mahady Chowdhury
Metropolia Ambassador


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