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As a member of the Cambridge Venture Camp organizing team,
I gained valuable, real-life experience in planning and organizing the various activities of
the camp. The small, dedicated team was great to work with, and the memories
and connections I made will have a lasting effect on my personal and professional life

-Iida, Organizing team 2018

Being part of Cambridge Venture Camp team has been one of the best experiences
during my studies in Laurea. I learned a lot about organizing events not only in Finland but in the UK too.
For me, the most important thing in CVC has always been the people.
I have had a chance to met amazing participants who has inspired me a lot!
CVC is one of the most an unique things you can take part of on your time in school.

– Kasper, Organizing team 2017 & 2018

Being the project lead for Cambridge Venture Camp 2018 was one of the best experiences
I have had during my studies. On top of an impressive CV marking, I got lifelong friends,
extensive knowledge about the field of entrepreneurship, and got to work with top experts in different fields.
The week in Cambridge itself was phenomenal leaving memories lasting a lifetime.

– Suvi, Project Lead, 2018

Cambridge Venture Camp is the beginning of a wonderful journey.
Designing a project pretty much from scratch was not easy, but it opens doors
that no other project has opened; It’s been the icing on the cake for all my job interviews
after the projects, as not many can say that they’ve been part of creating
a program that significantly increases awareness of entrepreneurship among university students,
gets hundreds of applications, and finally connects the brightest students
from Finland with their counterparts in the prestigious University of Cambridge.

– Jesse, Marketing team 2017 & 2018

Cambridge Venture Camp has been a chance for me to try out my project management skills.
It gave me confidence and boosted my career in even industry. Really
recommend it to everyone who is interested to get more out of studies!

– Nicole, Project lead, 2017

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